Ten Podcasts To Help You Achieve That New Year’s Resolution

Young woman jumping raising her arms at a colorful sunset - Aragon, Spain

Young woman jumping raising her arms at a colorful sunset - Aragon, Spain

While New Year’s resolutions are usually as non-stick as your favorite skillet, it’s still great to start a new year with goals. What people often forget is the how - the steps to accomplishing that goal. A vague resolution such as “lose weight” is easy to quit, but a tangible, manageable goal like “do 20 squats a day for a month” is easy to accomplish, and that simple difference can excite you and empower you to make serious, long-lasting changes. So what’s your vision for the new year? Let these ten podcasts help you achieve it! Whether your goal is to read more books, beef up your bank account, cook at home more frequently, or just generally get it together, there’s a podcast of how-tos here ready to keep you on target and on track. And who knows? This time next year, you could be the one helping people live their best life.

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Charles Duhigg is completely focused on that all-important How To, taking on tough problems with the help of experts like authors, sociologists, Buddhist monks, and extreme athletes to help you succeed at online dating, cook one perfect meal, cure your insomnia, improve your memory, or the extra-relevant one (at least for this list) about how to make your New Year’s resolution stick.

If your resolution is to get out there and see this great wide world, A Way To Go is the way to go. Chock-full of inspirational stories, from a graffiti artist painting without permission in Thailand to a Hollywood screenwriter living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, as well as traveling tips and insights on amazing destinations like a remote Alaskan nature hotel, these episodes will help you dream of – and arrive at – whole new horizons.

Trying to get more lit in your life? What Should I Read Next lives for that! Anne Bogel of the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog hosts lively interviews with readers talking about the books they love, the ones they hate, and the ones you should pick up next, and is guaranteed to send you straight to your local library for a whole new TBR list.

Health and wellness are extremely important factors to a full and happy life, and The Model Health Show is here to help with yours. Author and nutritionist Shawn Stevenson takes on everything from fitness and weight loss to chronic fatigue, sex, heart disease, and hormones, breaking down the whys, the hows, and the what-should-I-do-nows with ease and humor.

A common resolution is to get your finances in order, and whether you’re starting to pay off debt and fix your credit, looking to beef up your savings account and start a retirement fund, or diversify your existing investments, She Makes Money Moves is here for you. And though this Glamour magazine podcast is focused on women’s finances, the advice is good for anyone, diving into student loans, investments and retirement, how to handle it when you make more (or less) money than your partner, and much more.

Speaking of money, a lot of us are spending too much of it eating at restaurants instead of cooking at home. If your resolution is to spend more time in your own kitchen, do it with From Scratch. Acclaimed cookbook author Michael Ruhlman hopes to make you a more confident cook, and his interviews with world-renowned chefs about bacon and bread, wine and water, raw fish and roast chicken, and much more are sure to make you hungry to start slicing and dicing for yourself. 

Maybe you just want to learn something new this year, challenge your mind, soak up some knowledge? In that case, Stuff You Should Know is the podcast for you. This perennial favorite has episodes on everything from safecracking and subpoenas to champagne and Satanism, and plenty of other topics you never thought you needed to ask about. So if you don’t know, now you know.

The only true non-renewable resource in the world is time, and Before Breakfast wants you to make the most of yours. In quick, bite-sized episodes, this podcast gives you time management techniques and strategies, arming you with practical habits on avoiding burnout, being productive on your laziest days, nurturing relationships, and savoring the good times to make them last. If you’ve been working on your procrastination or trying to carve out some time for a hobby, let these strategies help get you on track.

Marriage is one of the most important relationships in many people’s lives, and like any relationship, it requires – and deserves – work and attention. Married couple Rachel and Dave Hollis tackle the tough questions about marriage and parenting with honesty and candor, examining grief, couples counseling, how to fight without doing damage, and how to compromise, to help you and your spouse RISE Together.

Maybe you haven’t had time to articulate your goals yet, but you feel strongly that in some way or other, you need to get it together. Let Life Kit: All Guides help. Do you struggle with stain removal? Don’t know how to talk to your kids about sex? Or climate change? Do you want to master your budget, reduce your food waste, plan a perfect trip, or even run for office? This podcast can guide you on all this and more, making your goals – whether big or small – attainable, achievable, and enjoyable, too. Now that's an accomplishment.

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