Des Moines Police wants volunteers for a video camera database

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The Des Moines Police Department's asking people with video cameras on their homes or businesses to volunteer to be included on a database it's building.

Sgt. Paul Parizek says it's taking the idea of the "neighborhood watch" to a new high-tech level.

"Detectives will refer to a mapping system we have that will let them know exactly where the cameras in that area are. Then, they'll get out and go door-to-door, hitting those places first--those places where we know we might have some good information that might help us quickly solve a crime."

Parizek says the detective will then ask the camera's owners if they can look at video from the time when the crime was committed.

He says there are a number of law enforcement agencies, some of them in Central Iowa, that are using similar databases.

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