Central College to cut tuition by more than half in 2020

PELLA, Iowa -- Central College in Pella will cut it's tuition by more than half in the next school year.

School officials say it's part of an effort to be transparent in how much it actually costs to go to the school.

"It costs more, therefore it must have higher quality. Then, in order to make students feel good, you'd offer a significant amount of scholarship aid against that tuition. That was how this market had functioned for a long, long time.

Central College President Mark Putnam says tuition at the school next year will be $18,600 dollars--a $20,000 decrease from current tuition of $38,600.

He says Central will still offer scholarships and financial aid in proportion to its new tuition price

Putnam also says current students aren't being left out. He says they'll pay the same tuition next year as they did this year.


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