Iowa State Fair ramps up biosecurity rules for swine

DES MOINES, Iowa- Those who show hogs at the Iowa State Fair this year, will have to follow some new bio-security rules. All swine will be individually inspected and identified on a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, which must be completed within seven days of the Fair. A vet will inspect all swine upon arrival at the Fairgrounds, before they are unloaded. The new rules are being put in place in part because of African Swine Fever, which has spread across China, and other parts of Asia and Europe.

Officials say the disease does not pose a human health or food safety threat, but could severely hurt Iowa's pork industry.

“We are working with other state and federal agencies and industry partners to monitor the ASF situation and educate producers about biosecurity,” said Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig. “While the disease does not pose a human health or food safety threat, it would be detrimental to Iowa’s pork industry and the state’s economy. That’s why we’re implementing additional biosecurity measures for all swine exhibitors at this year’s Fair.”

“All exhibitors are encouraged to practice good biosecurity both at the show and at home on the farm,” said State Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand. “When exhibitors return home from the Fair, they should disinfect their equipment, isolate animals that traveled to the show from the rest of the herd, and monitor for signs of illness.”

This year's Iowa State Fair is August 8-18.


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