Fort Dodge man accused of defrauding lottery

FORT DODGE, Iowa- A Fort Dodge man's is charged with three counts of defrauding the Iowa Lottery, and police expect to arrest more people in the case. Police say 39-year-old Nicholas Hanson's also charged with Money Laundering, Extortion, and Marijuana Possession. He turned himself in and is in the Webster County Jail. He has made an initial appearance in Webster County court.

Police say the Lottery contacted them last fall, about suspicious activity, related to a winning scratch ticket. Officers served multiple search warrants, and seized money, vehicles, and electronic devices.

Police say the scheme was an effort to avoid paying debts to various agencies.

At this time Nicholas Hanson (39) of Fort Dodge has been charged with the following offenses;

· Money Laundering x4 (C Felony)

· Conspiracy to Commit Lottery Fraud x3 (D Felony)

· Extortion (D Felony)

· Possession of Marijuana (Serious Misdemeanor)


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