Cops Searching For Driver Who Ran Over Pedestrian In Shocking Video


Authorities in Oregon are looking for a driver who jumped the curb and hit at least one pedestrian who was fleeing. Officials said the incident happened last week, but they just learned about it because a homeowner's surveillance video captured the shocking scene. 

Javier Gonzalez told Fox 12 that he noticed damage to his front yard when he came home and could not believe what he saw when he reviewed the video.

"I pulled up and I noticed that there were some things around my house that were kind of out of place, you know had a boulder across the street and dirt everywhere, and my rose bushes were all kind of driven over," he said

In the video, three people can be seen walking on the sidewalk, but as the gray pickup truck approaches, they start running for their lives. The driver jumps the curb and strikes one of the pedestrians and continues to chase the other two as they run for cover in a park next door. The truck driver then turns around as all three people continue to run away. 

Nobody involved in the incident called the police and officials are trying to track down those involved. So far they have no leads, but Gonzalez says after watching the footage he believes the driver knew the trio he was chasing. 

“It looked like, you know, he might’ve had a vendetta or something, and it’s not worth it,” Gonzalez said. “Even if someone does something to you, it’s never worth it to go after them. I say you should come forward, even if you did something wrong… hopefully, this can get sorted out.”


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