Central Iowa deputy cited for taking antlers off dead deer

GREENE COUNTY, Iowa-  A central Iowa Sheriff's Deputy has been fined nearly $200 for taking antlers off a dead dear along a road north of Jefferson earlier  this month.   

A man called the Iowa Department of Natural Resources November 3rd,  after seeing Greene County Sheriff's Deputy Kirk Hammer, in uniform, cutting the antlers off the deer with a saw.

The deputy admitted to a DNR Conservation Officer he took the antlers, which were found at the deputy's home.  He was cited for unlawful possession of Whitetail deer antlers, and fined $195. 

The state requires either a deer tag or salvage tag, to take antlers, and the whole deer would need to be removed from the ditch, not just the antlers.

State law also requires a salvage tag be issued first to the individuals involved in the accident, and if not interested it can be issued to any bystanders at the scene.

The man who reported the deputy, had earlier asked the deputy for a salvage tag, after a woman initially hit the deer, but the deputy declined to issue the tag to the bystander.


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