A few days off...

Big thanks to Mel for filling in while I took a couple days of vacation.  I've updated the TRS Podcast page with the shows from Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

As for the latest mass shooting Texas...what is there to say?  This is the cost of doing business in America.  When we watched 26 school children and their teachers slaughtered in Sandy Hook, and chose to do nothing, the die was cast.  For all our empty thoughts and unanswered prayers, this is who we are.

I posted this video before, and draw back on it every time something like this happens.  When you watch the video, just keep in mind how out of date it is now.  The numbers quoted in the piece don't include those killed in Orlando (49), Las Vegas (58), and now Sutherland Springs, TX (26, for now).  The numbers also don't include the less headline-grabbing incidents where "just" three, four, or five people were killed.  Mother Jones has been keeping track.  Read through it and try not to be chilled.

The cost of doing business...

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