Ames shelter crowded after animal seizures

The Ames Animal Shelter is overcrowded right now following the seizure of animals from an Ames home late last week.  Animal Control Director Ron Edwards says they took 20 dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and lizards from a home Friday while investigating an Ames woman who'd allegedly performed surgery on a dog--killing the animal.  Edwards says the shelter's not designed to house animals much beyond dogs and cats, so they've had to find room for the rabbits and guinea pigs. He says the public can help ease the burden of taking on the extra animals by donating bedding materials or money to pay for veterinary care. By the way, Edwards says the Ames shelter is taking applications from people intersted in adopting the rabbits or guinea pigs. He says the lizards taken from the house were turned over to a reptile rescue organization.


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