...and this is STOOPID.  Mind-numbingly, face-punch inducingly stoopid. 

The "this" in question is the IRS admission that some "low level" employees subjected groups with "tea party" and "patriot" in their names for extra scrutiny in  applications for non-profit status.  Talk about a gift-wrapped-with-a-bow-on-top present for the Tea Party.  "See, we told you! This is big government at work intruding into to the lives of everyday, hard workin' Muricans!" Good Lord, if I hadn't read it in the news, it would be hard to believe. 

Do you suppose, at some point, President Obama said "Oh, c'mon.  99 problems and now this is one?  You're killing me!"

Now, before members of Congress get their panties in a twist calling for heads to roll, we should inquire which heads they'd like to see on the floor?  The head of the IRS?  As Slate points out in this story...yeah, about that.