In a move that is anything but suprising, A&E annouced Friday it was lifting the suspension "Duck Dynasty" redneck-in-chief Phil Robertson.  Call me a seriously, go ahead, 'cause I am... but this smacks of something the A&E PR department cooked up as a way to drum up a little buzz...a little spin... It's almost like they did all of this with clear intent.

Submittted for your consideration:

--A&E execs hire Robertson and his whole backwater clan with dollar signs in their eyes, knowing exactly what they'll get.  They pay Robertson $200,000 per episode to be who he is.

--Robertson does an interview with GQ and makes his statement about homosexuals and black folks all but unprompted by the interviewer.  Understand, this isn't new ground he's covering.

--A&E feigns outrage and makes a big deal about "suspending" Robertson, all the while airing a "Duck Dynasty" marathon over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Outrage indeed.

--The network announces the lifting of the suspension late in the day, on the Friday between Christmas and New Year's Day.  Talk about burying the lede.

What do you want to bet this "drama" will somehow find its way into the "storyline" of the new season of "Duck Dynasty?"  Talk about being played for suckers...