So, Fox News did a poll recently that says the Founding Fathers would haz a sad if they saw the state of America they dreamed up in 1776, and codified in the Consitution in 1787. 

Put aside, for a minute that 96 percent of the people polled self-describe as members of the Tea Party movement, and 95 percent of them say they're Republicans.  That may or may not have "skewed" the results, but, you know, whatevs...

What really jumped out at me was that a great many of the respondants thought the country had strayed away from the ideals that Founders had in mind in the framing of the Constitution, AND that Washington had too much power. 


History students, think back to the founding document BEFORE the Consitution--you know, the Articles of Confederation.  What do know about the Articles?  While a good idea, they were fundamentally flawed because they gave government no ability to raise an army (which we would need by 1812), to pay for itself (raise and collect taxes), and many of the 13 states had different forms of currency, which you could not use in other states.  So, what solved these problems?  Consolidating power in a strong central government.  Hello Constitution! True that most of the powers in the Bill of Rights and following amendments worked to limit the power of the goverment, but text of document clearly established that central government to be limited.

Keep this in mind, and develop a strong sideways glance for anyone who claims that we've strayed away from the Consitution AND that Washington has too much power.  We've tried it the other way, and it didn't work out all that well.