Here are some things for your Monday:

What did the president "win" after the shutdown and near default of the federal government?  The New York Times says: Not much.  The wheels of the bus go 'round and 'round...

In a related story:

This was included in an e-mail I got in the newsroom today.  The missive came from something called the "Tea Party Leadership Fund."  In a plea for money, the group says:

TPLF is launching a "Primaries for Traitors" fund that will help to target and fire the "showboat RINOs for good." Speaker Boehner is the first target.

"Primaries for traitors."  TRAITORS?!  Wow.  Remember when politicians ran for office with the high-mindedness expressed in the notion of "serving the public" and "making the country a better place"?  Holy crap, but those days are over. 

Think about what motivates politicians today--people like Ted Cruz.  "Doing what's best for the country"?  Not hardly.  "Doing what's best for the party"? "Doing what's in the best interest for my political future"? Yeah...that's a little closer.