Good evening and welcome to the final Ames City Council live blog for 2013.  This evening began with a farewell reception for outgoing council member.  Tom Wacha in Ward 1, Jami Larson in Ward 2, Jeremy Davis in Ward 3 and Victoria Szopinski in Ward 4.  To the best of this reporter's memory, this is the largest Council turnover in generations of city history.  New members Gloria Betcher (1), Tim Gartin (2), Peter Orazem (3),  Chris Nelson (4), and Amber Corierri (At-Large) will be sworn in the first week of January. Orazem's At-Large term expired, prompting him to run in Ward 3.

As for tonight's agenda, the council will consider supporting Brownfield/Greyfield state tax credits for the construction of Kingland System's new building in Campustown and renovations to the Sheldon Munn hotel on Main St.  The state money would help offset the cost of asbestos and lead paint abatement in those projects. 

The council will also consider a agreement between developers and Xenia Rural Water District on water rights for land to the north of city limits.  The developers want the city to annex the land so they can start building houses.  This has been a months-long contentious issue between the city, developers, and Xenia.

7:30PM: Council approves city support for Brownfield/Greyfield grants.

7:30PM: Xenia report begins...

7:30PM:  Assistant City Manager Bob Kindred says agreements have been reached for three of four properties in question.  Buyout of Xenia rights will cost new property owners $2,700.  He says the company is unwilling to grant the same buy-out terms to current customers, saying they share in some of the current debt.  He says the cost for those folks to leave would approach $20,000.

8:15PM: Xenia agreement approved.  No debating pre-annexation agreements.  Developers and city disputing who will pay for what percentage of street development on land north of Bloomington Heights.

8:30PM: The council directs city staff to continue negotiations with developers on paying for infrastructure and timeframes for annexation.