Here's the news release (straight from his own website) from Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz we talked about at the end of today's show.  Is it just me, or does he sound like a petulant child?  I'm sorry Matt--is the big, bad, liberal media being mean to you...pointing out how much money your office has paid people to not work? Peole you fired as a exercise in efficiency? This guy is a government official!  Isn't he supposed to be above this pettiness? Oh, and in case you weren't counting, he smacks the "liberal media" five different times in the news release.   

Also, doesn't this news release sound an awful lot like it came from Schultz's 3rd District House race campaign office?  Do I really need him to send me a news release trumpeting all he's done for me in an office HE'S NOT RUNNING FOR AGAIN? 

Time to man up, Matt.  Never forget that this is my money you're using to pay people for not working.

Speaking of Republicans suffering a little tone-deafness...

If you'll remember, on separate occasions Craig Robinson from and our media and politics guru Jeff Stein said Joni Ernst's "pig castration" ad was effective, did the job of getting her some national recogntion, probably brought in some cash, and staked her claim as a player in the Republican Senate race. 


Craig and Jeff also said that she needed to follow that ad with one that was serious, straight forward, and laid out for voters why she's the Republican candiadte who could beat Bruce Braley.  This new ad...isn't that. 

Now, play a fun game with me. Watch this ad again, then go watch the "Squeal" ad.  Count how many times Joni Ernst describes herself as a "state senator."  I'll help--she doesn't, in either ad.  Not once.  It's the one thing she has over the four men also in the race.  Why won't she mention it?