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Wednesday chatter...

Wednesday chatter...
Posted April 2nd, 2014 @ 1:51pm

Here is the CNN piece written by Rachel Held Evans on World Vision's decision to backtrack on a decision it held for all of two days to diccontinue the policy of not hiring people in same-sex marriages.  She makes a phenomenal spiritual point about evangelicals winning a lone battle in the "culture war" while simulateously losing sight of a conflict most people aren't interested in any more. I think the same can be said from a political vantage point. "True believers" can demand spirital and cultural purtiy from their candidates, as long as they are also comfortable with losing election after election. 

Also, here is the piece in today's "The Nation" on the McCutcheon decision, and how our "one person, one vote" paradigm means less and less...


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