Yes, the cancellation of Veishea sucks.  No parade, no cherry pies, no lawn lunches.

Yes, it's a punishment, if you will, that's hitting the people hardest who did nothing wrong. 

Yes, it's seems all but impossible that it will ever come back. 

Yes, it's hard to see the connection between cancelling Veishea and no more riots.

All of this is true, and...

President Steven Leath didn't have any other choice. 

It's that simple and that complicated all at the same time.  Don't lose sight of the fact that he had less than 12 hours to meet with his senior cabinet, consult the city, assess the effect it would have on the 150 kids who worked for a year to put together this year's Veishea, take into consideraton its thousands moving parts, weigh the pros and cons, and make a decision that was going to make exactly no one happy.

This "other Veishea" has rolled up a really, really steep price tag: the cost of increased law enforecment, replacing torn down lamp posts, street signs, and shattered store windows. And, what about cleaning up all "Mr. Hyde" Veishea seems to bring to the streets and sidewalks of Campustown.  More troubling, it's now a celebration that has a body count. We know about the student who was brained by a falling lamp post Tuesday night.  But, what about the young man who fell to his death from a Campustown apartment balcony during Veishea weekend a few years ago, or the people injured in the riots of 1988, 1992, and 2004, or the kid who was stabbed to death in 1997. These are the casualties we know about.  While we laugh at all the early morning "walks of shame" that seem to come with Veishea, the inevitable sexual assualts are no laughing matter. 

In the face of a community that's said time and time again "ENOUGH"...tell me again how Pres. Leath had any other choice but to make the decision he made.