We spent quite a bit of time, this morning, talking about the ongoing drama swirling around the Branstad administration and secret payouts to fired state workers. As the Des Moines Register's Kathy Obradovich spell out in this piece, the governor didn't help himself yesterday by asking for a state law that would allow for the release of details on why a state employee was terminated.

The governor's logic for this?

"One of the concerns I have as the chief executive of the state is we do have state employees that have been guilty...involved in certain misconduct: Elder abuse, child abuse, sexual misconduct. These things are presently confidential and not released to the public. The danger in that is these individuals who may be dangerous or violent can then be rehired by another unsuspecting employer who doesn't know that information. The public has a right to know that."

What the _____? 

Don't miss this, kids.  The governor says the public has a right to know if a state worker is fired after engaging in child, elder, or sexual abuse.  You know who REALLY has a right to know about these things?  THE POLICE!  No kidding, but who are we employing with our tax dollars, and more importantly, who are we firing and releasing into the world? 

Color me skeptical.  Read the above paragraph, and tell me that something doesn't add up.  What if...

What if this is simply an administrative head-fake?  What it this is an effort to misdirect us from the notion that people in our employ were fired for their poltical leanings, or something equally as arbitrary?