Maybe it's because I'm a nerd, and maybe it's because my prepubescent nerdiness drew me to the original PBS show "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan, but I am really excited that Fox and the National Geograpic Channel are dedicating so much time to the 2014 "Cosmos" reboot with science cool-guy Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Understand why Fox's decision to give 13 weeks of primetime Sunday night programming is so important.  WE'RE TALKING ABOUT SCIENCE, HERE, PEOPLE!  SCIENCE!  As Tyson himself has asked, and not really rhetorically, "when did we start questioning the importance of teaching science?"  If we can, even for an hour a week for three months, introudce a generation of Twitter- Instagram- Facebook- text message-addled young people to a world outside of themselves...we all win.  

For your dining and dancing pleasure:

Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about "Cosmos" on one of my favorite podcasts--The Nerdist. Be warned--the language can get a little salty at times.

Also, don't forget you can hear Neil deGrasse Tyson on NewsTalk 1430 KASI every Saturday on "Star Talk" from 10:00-Noon.