Big thanks to the kids at ISU's Hanson Family Student Learning Center for having is "On Cyte" with the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau today, It's going to be exciting to see all the events that will happen in a beautiful facility.

Here's some links to the things we talked about today:

4th International Symposium on Beef Cattle Welfare

Team PrISUm

Harrison Barnes

Iowa Games

Urban Ag Academy


Big thanks to Jeff Angelo for filling in for me Thursday and Friday while I take some time off.  Before we get together on Monday, please think on this quote I stole from a pastor friend. 

"...fellow Christians, we know this story. What kind of mother would throw her young child at the mercy of God, natural elements, and strangers in the face of his certain death? Moses’ mother. What kind of parents would carry their young child across an international border in order to protect him? Jesus’ parents. As Christians, we cannot judge these children and their families. Faced with two absolutely insane options, families everywhere will choose the option that they find slightly less insane. We must try to understand this. "