To be sure, I knew I wouldn't be the only person mightily hacked off at the temerity of someone cheesing off on the adult readers of Young Adult literature.  This take-down is straight brilliant, but be advised it contains some PG language.  Oh, and I found the link on Twitter from YA author Rainbow Rowell. 


Here's the New York Times article on local police departments and sheriff's offices taking the U.S. Department of Defense up on it's offer of surplus military hardware.  10 years ago, I would have agreed that up-armoring small town cops was crazy pants, but a spate of mass shootings capped off by the Las Vegas cops gunned down as they ate lunch Sunday has changed my mind.  

If you're a police chief or sheriff, sending your men and women to do their jobs knowing they may be outgunned by the bad guys has got to be a nightmare. Think it can't happen?  Watch this: 

As scary, as unthinkable, as straight absurd as it sounds...doesn't it have to go through the minds of police chiefs and sheriffs that they have to be prepared to go to war with their own citizens?  Remember, on Barack Obama's second inauguration AR-15's and their ammo were awfully hard to come by.  Why? The NRA sold the idea that the gub'ment was a-comin' for yer guns.  How can we not think that resonates through the minds of cops.  All those guns have to be somewhere, right?