When the U.S. government, with it's long and distinguished history of positive relations with Native Americans, tells you you're being insensitive...it's time to take the hint.

Today, a governmental agency you've never heard of told Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder that "Washington Redskins" no longer has trademark protection as it is, surprisingly, "disparaging to a substantial composite of American Indians." All I can guess is that messages like this...


...became impossible to ignore. 

C'mon Dan. It's time. Change the name. Swallow some of your pride, take the risk of alienating some clueless fans, and find another moniker for your team. It's time to do the right thing.  

Also, let's be completely clear on one thing.  Just because white people say "Redskins" doesn't bother them does not make it OK.  It makes us white people sound as stupid and insensitive as we've certainly proven ourselves to be in the past. Saying you aren't offended by teams that reference a group of people's heritage like the "Fightin' Irish" or "Vikings" IS NOT THE SAME!  Would we allow a team to be called the "San Antonio Wetbacks", or do we suppose our Latino brothers and sisters might find that a tad offensive?  

While I could go on and on about the need for a change, and how we would never do this to another group of people, you should read a piece written by a Native American who makes an argument that is impossible to refute. Exactly what does "Redskin" mean?