CNN reported this week that recently released documents from the Clinton presidency show that it had much the same mind-set as TV's "The West Wing."

Acutally, it should be the other way-round--if you have any knowledge of TV's finest-ever show.  You'll know that Jed Bartlet's White House was closely modeled on Bill Clinton's.  In fact, "The West Wing" creator Aaron Sorkin enlisted former Clinton press secretary Dee Dee Meyers a consultant on the show starting in 1999. Sorkin says Bartlet press secretary C.J. Cregg was modeled, in part, on Meyers.

You really want to see some parallels?  Watch seasons 6 and 7, and draw lines bewteen the candidacies of fictional Texas congressman Matt Santos, and real-life former Illinois senator, and current POTUS, Barack Obama.

Now, one of my favorite segments of "The West Wing":