Here's the news release from Iowa State University announcing the members of the task force that will determine the future of Veishea. Take a minute and read through the list, and I'll ask you a question.  Done?  OK-who's missing from the list?

Yep.  Someone from the Campustown Action Association, perhaps? 

To review...the very incident that caused Veishea to be cancelled and the task force to be appointed happened...where? Ahem.

Now, I get it that these sorts of groups can get unwieldy in a hurry if you invite everyone who feel like they SHOULD be invited.  I get it that trying to hold a meeting with many people can be akin to herding cats.  All of that it get, but c'mon...really?

Seems to me that Iowa State has, time and again, claimed to have a vested interest in Campustown.  Officials have addressed the Ames City Council when it was considering issuance or renewal of liquor licenses for bars that ISU said reflected "poorly" on the it's "front door."  On the positive, ISU has pledged itself to a role in the "Campustown Renaissance" with a commitment to rent lots of office space in the new Kingland Systems building.  Clearly, ISU is paying attention to Campustown.

So, I think it has to be asked--why didn't the university invite the very people who have been so directly affected by unrest in Campustown?  Is the university afraid of what these business owners might say?  If President Leath wants a clear recommendation on what should happen with Veishea, then someone needs to get on the phone to CAA director Kim Hanna right now.  ISU--make this right.