Welcome to the first Ames City Council meeting for the month of April.  A couple of items of note on tonight's agenda:

The council will get a report from staff on a suggested process a development workshop asked for by the Texas-based company that wants to build an Iowa State University-student oriented housing development on the site of the former middle school. You'll remember that Breckenridge Land Development last month withdrew it's re-zoning request for a section of land in the face of a proposed public hearing and formal protest from people who live in the area.  It would seem to this reporter that that company is attempting a "Hail Mary" attempt to find a way to make this development more acceptable to the neighborhood. 

7:39P:  Like the sun rising in the east, we're hearing from another clueless bar owner who feigns surprise when the Council takes him out for a walk for racking up liquor law violations.  Sometimes, these guys really don't get it.

8:28P:  The council sets May 6 as the date for the meeting on the Breckenridge proposal.  Planning and Housing director Kelly Diekmann says they've also reached out to ISU to take part in the meeting.