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I think my record on Ms. Anna Kendrick is clear.  This?  I don't know about...  What "Ray" did for Jamie Foxx, this will do for Don Cheadle I was...
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No. She didn't. Really.

Hillary Clinton didn't win the Iowa Caucuses on a coin-toss.  Or six coin-tosses.  Or 47 coin-tosses.  SHE DID NOT WIN THE IOWA CAUCUSES ON A COIN TOSS!  Understand, my...
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Have you seen this?

Where we are, where we were, and where we are headed...
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How to caucus!

While these videos come from specific campaigns, please don't consider these endorsements.  Here's how to caucus! For Democrats (fill in the name of your chosen candidate) :...
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End your week with this:

Here's the Esquire Magazine piece  on the "Dean Scream" the many think ended Howard Dean's 2004 presidential candidacy.  As the article points out, the scream itself was misrepresented...
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Thursday's link soup

As we talked about on the show today, the Ames Convention and Visitors Bureau has a new website .  Give it a tumble. ** You need to read this right now .  It's probably the...
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Trump's taking his ball and going home

TRS Media and Politics Guru Jeff Stein and I talked about Donald Trump's decision not to participate in Thursday's Fox News debate in Des Moines, and came to the same conclusion.  In his...
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City Council live blog 01/26/16

Good evening, and welcome to this live blog from the Ames City Council's January 26th meeting.  We are underway, as the Council takes public input on the city's five-year Capital...
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When politics IS a game!

Big thanks to Justin Young for joining us on the show this morning.  His game-- The Contender --sound like a lot of fun! He and the other creators of the game want you to come play with...
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A tale of two ads

Today, boys and girls, we have a tale of two political ads.  One of them is nearly perfect, while the other is absolutely awful.  First, the good.  Put aside your partisan...
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