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Another Bernie Sanders ad that just kills it.

Say what you will about Bernie Sanders' campaign, but he clearly has the best ads in 2016.  Here's another:
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Where you stand depends on where you sit...

I've heard this old chestnut a lot during this slog through the 2016 presidential race, I was curious from where it came. It's called "Miles' Law" and is named for Rufus E. Miles, Jr., who...
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Here's the article we talked about this morning:

Ezra Klein writes this for  There's a lot of truth here, especially when he says: "Trump is the most dangerous major candidate for president in memory. He pairs terrible ideas...
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City Council live blog 02/09/16

Good evening, and welcome to this live blog of the February 9th, 2016 meeting of the Ames City Council. As we begin this evening, the council is wrapping up its annual budget process. This...
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Some now, more later

So, politics has come to this?   This is acceptable ?  (be advised, minor language) Also, this editorial  goes back more than 60 years to make the same point.  More...
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Stop what you're doing and watch this right now

Again, James Corden crushes it.
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I think my record on Ms. Anna Kendrick is clear.  This?  I don't know about...  What "Ray" did for Jamie Foxx, this will do for Don Cheadle I was...
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No. She didn't. Really.

Hillary Clinton didn't win the Iowa Caucuses on a coin-toss.  Or six coin-tosses.  Or 47 coin-tosses.  SHE DID NOT WIN THE IOWA CAUCUSES ON A COIN TOSS!  Understand, my...
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Have you seen this?

Where we are, where we were, and where we are headed...
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How to caucus!

While these videos come from specific campaigns, please don't consider these endorsements.  Here's how to caucus! For Democrats (fill in the name of your chosen candidate) :...
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