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Posted February 11th, 2014 @ 6:39am
I decided today not to talk about the weather, we have pretty much talked it out and have accomplished nothing although venting is therapeutic. Sure it's colder than Alaska, we've all got cabin fever and are tired of pushing snow around. Starting the car to warm it up is a pain, constantly filling the washer fluid sucks not too mention the crud we drag into the house. The sunshine reflection is so... bright off the snow that it takes my glasses forever to adjust to the light. What's with these stupid robins, harbingers of spring, I think not. We might reach the 30's by Wednesday, BIG DEAL! No I'm not talking about the weather today it just makes me ANGRY and I want to be happy so I'm going back to bed and cry myself to sleep. Have a great day and don't talk about the weather, save yourself, it's too late for me............

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