I was looking at the upcoming programming at the Iowa State Fair and noticed the "Happy Together" tour was on August 8th. This is a Fair tradition as they bring back rock and rollers from the 60's and 70's to perform. On first hearing this I began to smile thinking "Oh MY GOD, how old are these people and can they still rock on?" Then reality hit, they're my age and maybe a few years older. I'm still doing my thing so why shouldn't they be doing there's. I wouldn't expect that they would be gyrating as in days of old, in fact the younger generation won't allow it. Those beautiful moves we made when physically more able just don't have the same appeal now. What was then, I assure you, as sexy as any one could be suddenly have a more arthritic look, causing fear and embarassment to our children and grandchildren and hopes of a business boost to local Chiropractors. Here's the solution, don't take them with you, go and do your thing. We'll be amongst our own, enjoying our music, appreciating those who brought us together through music. ROCK ON and PEACE MY BROTHERS and SISTERS!