I went walking in the rain yesterday with just a hat and jacket. I wasn't caught in a surprise downpour, it was raining hard when I started. I left the umbrella behind, wore a waterproofed jacket and ball cap and got drenched in about 20 minutes yet still I walked on. A lot of things on my mind lately and I was hoping this would help and it did. I remembered that some things are just out of my control... and you do the best you can. That whether you're rich or poor the rain doesn't care it still gets you wet. A clap of thunder reminded me that my Grandma used to calm me by telling me it was "The Angels Bowling" I'm sure she's now Captain of the team.(I tried this logic on the dog, it didn't work, now I have to give it back it's "Thundershirt") Respect humanity, appreciate and be thankful we're different. Judgement is reserved for those wiser than I and who bare no prejudice. If you believe in a life here after or even if you don't, just do right in this one and that alone should be enough reward...Did I mention, I took a walk in the rain, I got soaked, it was wonderful! Thanks for being a part of my life, have a wonderful, wet Monday!