Cleaning the attic over the last few days has been a real eye opener and walk down memory lane. It's hard to realize how much we keep that we will never use again but it was fun to see some old fashions, bowling trophies(most for sportsmanship) and kids toys. One priceless treasure was a box of pictures I thought I would never see after my first wife left me. They were tucked in a corner and featured my son and parents, it was better than finding a Van Gogh. I was relegated downstairs as my wife and daughter knew the waterworks were about to let loose. One other collection I inherited was found, my mothers collection of Avon bottles. I know there really isn't much market value to them but my mom always thought they would be worth a lot of money someday and to me they have special value. I'm happy to report no dead cats or other pets so I think that officially keeps me out of the hoarder category.