Suggesting jamming devices on traffic lights for cell phones, I hope I never have to set through another turn lane light because the dim bulb in front of me was telling someone they were waiting for the turn lane light and now for some reason the old guy in the car behind is honking at them. We need to have a reality check on what's important and what is not and learn to disconnect from part of th...e world during the day. I feel like wearing a shirt that says "I Survived in a World Without Cell Phones" or "Enjoy More of Your Life, Turn Off Your Cell Phone". There are more people hooked on these than drugs, the need to be in touch about everything we do and the thought that anybody really cares is far overblown. It's no wonder conversation is a dying art, when people get together they have nothing new to talk about that they haven't already twittered, or texted. When you're sharing a meal use the off button on your phone, I assume you're interested in the person your with. I assume the word cell was in reference to the jail type as the seem to hold you prisoner.