I am attempting to control the uncontrollable, road rage. I find it happening more and more, not because of any fault of mine, but the infection of the cell phone plague. I am not prone to honking the horn, in fact up until a month ago I wasn't quite sure where it was on the steering wheel, but within the last few weeks I've nearly burnt it up. I have had the misfortune to come up behind people sitting at traffic signals who must have some searing emergency that either needs texting or a verbal response right away, so much so they need to set through a light to get it done. Perhaps they don't realize at my age I must keep going and get to as many places as I can as quickly as I can, within legal limits of course. Raising your hand in apology or flipping me off doesn't get you in my will or good graces. Drive your car or pull off to do your business do not impede my progress, I've got places to go and things to do and remember the older I get the easier it is for me to camoflage my reasons for driving slow in front of you, vengance will be mine.