Day 2 of energy overload has quickly waned into an easy chair reunion. First of all. I have always worked on the theory that tools have feelings too. They should be left where they feel comfortable, that's obviously not a tool box but rather the last project they had the dubious honor of helping me complete. If at anytime during those missions they caused me injury I widened my search to a 50 foot... radius as I figure that's my throwing range and unfortunately you can't follow a trail of expletives. In my quest of finding the tools of the day I suddenly had the uneasy feeling that something was trying for my attention, low and behold I spotted our bicycles huddled in a dark corner in the basement. The rescue and challenge was on. Let me state a fact of life, when bringing a bicycle up the stairs, it will hook and knock down anything it touches. Once I had them both outside it was off to find the pump to resuscitate the tires to needed psi which by the range given on the tire is somewhere between 36 and 56 psi. Now it was time for the test ride, mind you, I tune it up every year but have not ridden for several. Off for a spin around the neighborhood, shakey at first, but soon steadied into a fluid motion for a 66 year old. Only one slight mishap as I came to a crosswalk I forced the splitting of an Asian couple out for a walk, I think I'm glad I didn't understand the language that was yelled at me. My attempt to turn around and apologize only brought a look of terror as they broke into a trot seeking sanctuary. After the 10 block, exhausting, round trip journey I put the bike and tools away, grabbed a beverage, found my easy chair and will now reenergize for Thursdays adventure.