Sunday was truly a well earned day of rest for all of the people who put this Wonderful Sesquicentennial together. Be Proud Ames of your place in history and even more that we are blessed with dedicated people who worked so hard to create the best celebration this city has ever seen. They truly have earned their own space as a part of our history. I thank them for allowing me to be a small part of it and took great pride in the diversity of all those involved. I'm often asked, "Loving Ames is required by your job as a Radio host isn't it?" NO! Loving Ames is required by my heart each and every day I've been blessed to live here amongst the best people in the world. I'm not sure I'll be rewarded with Heaven when I die but that's ok, I've been living in it on Earth. I Love you L.A. "Lovely Ames! and my heartfelt thanks to all those who made the Sesquicentennial a complete success, may we never have to say or spell that word again.