This weather pattern makes me edgy, it is reminiscent of 1993. I must admit it will always remain vivid in my memory. I was sent out as a videographer for Channel 5 to cover the damage at the Iowa State Center. The waters were rushing in completely covering the 1st floor of Scheman, I shot from the elevated walkway above that led to Hilton Coliseum my thoughts immediately turned too the damage it was doing to that facility because of the lower Main floor elevation. Personell at the center were not about to let me go in for my own safety but my ego driven "Gotta be the first guy in" attitude I was reluctantly allowed access. It was even eerier than I expected, with only a little outside light and the small light of my camera I saw the water lapping near the Parquet level. It will be forever imprinted in my mind, whenever I try to relate the story to folks who were not familiar they look at me incredulously as if to say "Grandpa tends to embellish now and then". It's one of those quiet claims to fame I wish I'd never had and after a 2010 repeat hope we never see again.