Just talked to my oldest brother Phil who turns 78 Sunday. We were about 3 minutes deep in conversation when we both started to laugh. We were covering the subjects that are required for our age...health, politics, price of food and gas, weather and our kids. These are the very things we swore we would never do when we would visit with my Great Aunts and Uncles. I ended up in the emergency room last night with severe back spasms so I had a natural lead in then we turned to comparisons of injuries past. I'm walking on eggs for the next few days but am enjoying the freedom only prescribed pain killers can provide. Understand, I'm not a person who likes to sit still, Chris, paying one of her visits to her 101 year old grandmother, hid the car keys from me. It reminded me of when, as a kid, I'd get grounded ( for no good reason) would find a strange lock on my bike and the teen line phone missing from my room. I'm hoping she'll remove the tracking device from my ankle when she returns, after all, shouldn't the chip in my neck she had our veterinarian implant be enough?