Last night some drunken, disrespectful knuckleheads decided that they would begin destroying the hard work of students who keep the tradition of VEISHEA alive and well. These uncaring, selfish imbeciles may determine the fate of this wondrous celebration for us all. No matter  where the responsibility, or lack there of belongs it will automatically be attributed to VEISHEA. We will hear about the brutality of authorities that must quell the problem and somehow focus more on that than the actual contributing factors. Some will harken back to their days of mispent youth to rationalize this extreme and dangerous behavior. i myself and now of a notion of zero tolerance, if you are intoxicated it's off to jail. If you do not remove yourself from the area when asked by police, you go to jail. If you are a minor with alcohol you go to jail. community policing is a noble effort and I applaud it's intent but there comes a time where actions speak louder than words. To the hard working, 95% of industrious and respectful students my deepest sympathy, you will suffer because of the 5% who will ruin it for us all.