Sitting between tears and laughter as I think of Coach Orr. Here's a couple more quick stories. One summer I was sent over to Johnny's office to shoot a Public Service spot for a local charity, as the crew was setting up I noticed one of Johnny's fingers looked as if it were broken. "Oh hell yes " he said " I broke it this spring". Well coach are you going to get it taken care of? " Not till after... golf season, I've taken 3 strokes off my game!"
Speaking of golf, it was after a Death Valley Golf Tournament the athletic department put on at Veenker that Johnny said, making sure I could hear " I'll play in this tournament every year unless they put me in a group with that damn Crippen!"
When I asked him how he liked being Parade Marshal in the Ruan Des Moines Grand Prix he said "I like it about $5000 worth Crip!"
More than a coach, he was a man of the people and will forever be pumping those fists full of Hilton Magic! God get ready for some stories!