With all the proms taking place one my age cannot help but remember that tragic event for me. I had dated very few girls at that time and they were from other schools in town. I always felt the beautiful, sophisticated young ladies at my school were way out of my league and the danger of having one of them fall desparately in love with me was not something I wanted to deal with. I finally worked up the courage to ask a young lady I lived next door to when I was younger. She had beeen battling a type of polio and I spent a lot of hours talking to her when her folks would wheel her outside to get some sun. She had come a long way and was now able to walk and lead a normal life as well as was very beautiful in looks and personality. She accepted and we were set, 2 nights before the prom she had a setback and was unable to go. My dad had scrimped and saved to get be the loudest irradescent blue suit you could buy so there was no doubt I was going date or not. I'm glad I did, it was wonderful and even though I had no date my classmates made sure that I knew how glad they were that I was there. My only regret is that life moved on and I, the frog, never got to dance with that  brave princess I so much admired.