I like getting older, not that I have a choice. Getting here has been a great ride and the road ahead looks promising. I find my ability to boggle the minds of younger folks an easier task and opens up doors that weren't available years ago. Here's a few tips: When in a restaurant utilize the stands they use as a tray holder as a walker it immediately causes some folks to let you move up in line and at the least a place to sit while you wait. If you're driving, slump down in your seat with just the top of your head showing, it opens up traffic and prevents being tailgated. When in line at a grocery store, cough a little and rub your hand on your chest as if you might have a little pain, people will offer you the opportunity to move up so you don't die on their cart. The only thing you can't do is offer advice stemming from experience you had growing up, for some reason age brings with it a lack of credibility in young folks eyes. Although you may never get to say it, delight in the fact you could have told them so. Always remember that period of deafness that struck us all when our parents and grandparents tried to impart their wisdom. Experience is sometimes the "Good, Bad, and Ugly" of life, but an impartial teacher.