Recently we got the wonderful news that our beloved ISU basketball coach had his pacemaker successfully installed, that little piece of electronics has saved and extended many lives. There now seems to be another little piece of electronics that many people can't live without and in many lapses of common sense has cost lives, our "Smart Phones". These devices or vices of of communication surround our lives, I defy you to go in any direction without seeing one in use. Where did this need for constant contact become neccessary, what happened to those moments of rest and meditation? I too was enamored with those first magical moments of wonder but can assure you they have now passed. I'm revolting (in so many ways) and turning it off or leaving it behind most of the time and silly or not, feel like I have control of my life without interruption, it's wonderful. If your stress levels have gone up, give this a try, the freedom is refreshing.