I didn't realize all the acoutriments that must be put in to beautify our new above ground pool. I now must put in a decorative stone walkway to the steps so as not to get a cowpath through the lawn. My feeling is that cowpaths are an accepted part of the landscape in Iowa but to no avail. My Uncle Junior found that a small inflatable kids pool offered plenty of refreshment after a hard day of work when he came home. My Aunt Evy would scramble to get the kids out of the way as he would backdrop into the water. To promote fitness I also suggested that a frolic through the sprinkler would offer a form of excercise, quickly shot down by my wife and daughter as being too much for the neighbors to handle visually. So far only two have entered the refreshing waters, my daughter and a swimming ground squirrel who quickly learned to fly courtesy of the pool cleaning net. So todays task is to build a path to the pool of righteousness