My last comment on VEISHEA unless provoked:
I realize the traditions of Iowa State are not ingrained in those who did not attend ISU thus no emotional appeal. The perspective that some have is jaded according to their experiences and rightfully so. A long time tradition that holds many fond memories for Alumni and their families is now gone for rational reasons and is accepted by most as reality.This does not mean that their memories of better times should be diminished and thought of as irreverent. This is like marching into Grandpa's funeral and remembering him only as a cranky old bastard in his last year. Veishea is dead and in four years will mean nothing to students then attending ISU. I will be thankful the next drunken riot that occurs and there will be, will not bear it's name. Taking the label off the real problem has done nothing to resolve it and serves only as a placebo not a cure.