Just a little thought on age today. My mother always said "I don't know how you became so smart in 16 years and me so dumb in 47" I always told her "We have books now and schools" she didn't laugh and I quite frankly didn't get the message until much later. I was ignorantly assuming she meant "Book Learnin'" instead of life lessons. In an age of advanced technology and information at our fingertips it's easy for young people to assume what I did back then, that they're smarter than we older folks are, and in some ways that's no doubt true.  Life lessons are the ones that really count and as hard as we emulate our parents in trying to convey that, we still find, that much like us, they can't always be taught but must be experienced. I still learn something every day and am running out of people who can guide me through this part of lifes adventure or is it, that 50 years later, I'm still that stubborn 16 year old who refuses to listen.