Have you noticed the Facebook bait on the side panels. At 66, I am amazed to find that there are 10 Beautiful "Chicks" trying to contact me and I can find out who they are with a mere click of the mouse. I know they are attracted by my clever banter or the profile picture of me at 30 with my full head of hair and fashionable bib overalls and cap. I could probably dissuade them by posting my financial assets. Another offer has me wishing I had gone into contracting so I could milk those involved in natural catastrophes out of millions of dollars then I could get those "Chicks" back. One beautiful "Chick" is enough for me and I'm married to her. I just wonder if 10 handsome "Studs" are trying to get hold of her. My only hope is that she doesn't catch on and keeps the old guy around.