A hectic few days of riding an emotional roller coaster, the hills seem to be getting smaller. There's a big part of me laying in that hospital bed with my younger brother, his attitude is inspiring. I know many of you have traveled this journey either as family or actually facing the battle yourself. It is thoughts of each of you and the admiration of your bravery that have kept me encouraged. It's been a battle of wits ...between my brother and me, it always has been. I usually carry the most ammunition but he has some high caliber stuff. His ploy today was to have the nurse throw me out. I shocked my kids with what appeared to be a severe reprimand of my older brother Phil by accusing him of screwing up the life order by not dying before my brother Joe and now we're not sure who's supposed to go next. I assured him he needn't do a make good. Quite honestly the sickest part of our family is it's morbid sense of humor. The nurse even cracked wise when they were moving him out of ICU, "Time to move this circus to another room". Thanks to all of you for being who you are, you are loved and appreciated. I'm quite honestly fatigued, but know the importance of being upbeat and as he and I always have, get through this together.