In the 60's I was a rebellious youth, never thought of myself as a "Hippee" but other folks might have. I had the long hair, beard and sported the clothes that said I'm different, my poor stepdad was sure he had a communist in his midst after all I did take Russian in High School. Well now I'm in the 60's in a different way, my age, and I still feel a bit rebellious. Oh, the long hair has long abandoned this head, the beard is now a goatee and the clothes not so different from other folks but the spirit remains. I refuse to fall into the mold that others expect us "old folks" to be, I believe that you live life to the fullest and do whatever you think you can do or want to do. Some people would think you might have slipped the track if you went out and flew a kite by yourself at 70, and admit it, many of you have shielded yourself with grand children to justify some things that you might feel foolish doing alone. life only gets shorter and the minutes move fast, get out and live it. GREY POWER! oh yeah and BALD POWER TOO!