You can feel the electricity in the air as once again school begins in Iowa. The hurry a scurry to get the needed supplies even causing some parental battles over scarce Ninja Turtle backpacks or some other representative statement items. The kindergarten trauma will be evident as parents assure their kids they'll be just fine then turn quickly away so they won't see them crying their way back home or to work. Also to be observed is the secret celebration that is held by older parents who have been secretly marking their calendars to the time when they will enjoy the daytime freedom the resumption of school brings. We who have served our time raising our kids and enjoying the challenges and joys that parenthood brings salute you knowing that you will all survive and constantly will be creating many memories that will permeate your conversations in the future. To the educators, buckle up, here they come into your very capable hands and thanks for your dedication and care of our most valuable possessions.