OK, watched Puxatawney Phil while reading the Farmers Almanac watching the Weather Channel. Then called my brother Phil to see if his knee was acting up. After scrutinizing all this information I determined nobody knows how long winter will last. We also learned there are no longer any safe havens in the contiguous 48 states. Found myself looking at property available in Belize, then decided my cl...imate needs to offer adventure, you know decisions. Snow blower or shovel, to water or not to water, windows open or closed, patio umbrella up, down or in the garage run for the basement or stick it out upstairs. Belize only offered beach or no beach, their slogan is "Life's a Beach and then you Die". You and me Iowa to the end, the good far outweighs the bad and how could I leave 3 million of the craziest people I know.